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Juice Lies

When was the last time you took a stroll down the “juice aisle”?  Have you noticed how many different types of “juices” there are? Did you find yourself here in search of something healthy? Which bottle do you choose?  There…

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DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis

DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis is a very fancy name for pain across the wrist at the thumb. The location of this pain is rather easy to identify.  The pain is felt at the base of the thumb. If you hold your hand…

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What is Frozen Shoulder?

The condition commonly referred to as “frozen shoulder” is actually called adhesive capsulitis.  This is a condition where the muscles of the rotator cuff become inflamed and resisted to motion, so severely, that the joint capsule around the shoulder actually…

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Is Chiropractic Safe for Pregnancy?

I regularly get asked this question.  Chiropractic, done properly, is completely safe throughout the course of pregnancy.  You can even be treated right through the 3rd trimester!  Treatment does vary a bit as the pregnancy progresses.  Don’t think for one…

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Is Activity Important?

We’ve all heard that physical activity is important… Just how important is moving? VERY. Specifically, how important is it? The general idea for why all of healthcare focuses so much on physical activity because the more active a person is,…

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Sugar Lies

I’m sure everyone has heard that sugar is bad for them.  I discuss this routinely with patients, and quite often see research/blog articles pop up on my social media feeds that promote the idea of limiting sugar, but at the…

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Do I Need to Lose Weight?

Do I need to lose weight? This is the most frequently non-asked question I hear in my practice.  I say “non-asked” because this is the most under-addressed problem in healthcare.  Many patients take offense to doctors addressing their weight, and…

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Coconut Oil – Good or Bad?

TL;DR: Stop eating like Americans, start eating more like the rest of the sane world and coconut oil isn't a problem. In order to talk about this, we have to discuss triglycerides. These are the standard “fat” of living organisms.…

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