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Back to Fats Cholesterol is not a part of the core 3 nutrients listed above.  It IS required for survival though.  Cholesterol is a “sterol” compound, more closely related to lipids, or fats.  They are large globular molecules that are…

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Back to Proteins Fats are much more complicated to explain, than the previous two nutritional types.  Fat is an essential nutrient for human life, but there are different types of fats, which are treated differently in the body.  They are…

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Back to Carbohydrates Proteins are the building blocks of the body.  Humans are composed of organs, which are composed of cells, which are composed of organelles, which are composed of amino acids, which are composed of molecules, which are composed…

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Back to Quick Facts Carbohydrates are the standard fuel for the body.  They are easily broken down into more basic sugars, AKA “simple sugars” (glucose, fructose, and galactose) which are easily absorbed through the intestines to the blood stream and…

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Quick Facts – Body Basics

Back to the Nutrition Main Page We’ll start with some “body basics”.  The body is a living machine.  The skeleton is a rigid frame work of organic rock, and the muscles are living elastic pulleys that move the skeleton in…

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What is Nutrition?

There are only a few staple requirements for human survival.  We need air, water, and food.  As a singular person, living in the United States, there isn’t much you can do about your own personal air supply (with the exception…

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