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Do I Need to Lose Weight?

Do I need to lose weight? This is the most frequently non-asked question I hear in my practice.  I say “non-asked” because this is the most under-addressed problem in healthcare.  Many patients take offense to doctors addressing their weight, and…

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Coconut Oil – Good or Bad?

TL;DR: Stop eating like Americans, start eating more like the rest of the sane world and coconut oil isn't a problem. In order to talk about this, we have to discuss triglycerides. These are the standard “fat” of living organisms.…

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Help! The Sun is Gone!

If like me, you live in the Northern half of the United States, you’re familiar with decreasing sunlight throughout the year. Here in Western NY from November through March, we get a surprising lack of sunlight. The sun does in…

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Why does my arm hurt?

  • October 29, 2015
  • blog

First things first, if you have left arm pain, chest pain, and a shortness of breath, call 911 and get to a hospital. This is an emergency situation. Stop reading here and seek care. If you don't have those symptoms,…

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Fascia Fascia Fascia

  Myofascia is one of the most under-appreciated structures of the body. This fascia is the thin pliable “dense connective tissue” layer that surrounds muscles, nerves, arteries and veins. This lining’s purpose is to allow these structures to to slide…

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Standing Posture

Working Upright Working several hours a day isn’t an easy feat, yet we all do it every day, for weeks, months, years, possibly decades.  Our jobs are a valuable part of our lives.  They allow us to earn money, stay…

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