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What is Flexion Distraction Therapy?

Abbreviated (FD) treatment is excellent for decompression of the spine and treatment of spinal disc related injuries. It is also quite effective at mobilization of the lumbar and lower thoracic spine.  The treatment is quite passive on behalf of the patient, they simply need to lay still and relax while the doctor moves the back half of the table, in specific patterns, which vary depending on the area of treatment.

The lumbar portion of the table moves both up and down, side to side as well as circumferentially.  This movement is controlled by the doctor, and constant communication is maintained with the patient, to avoid any uncomfortable movement.

Throughout the course of FD treatment, it is quite often documented that a patient with a posterior disc herniation exhibits centralizing symptoms, with high incidence of resolution.  What this means is, pain experienced further down the extremity will slowly “raise” back up the limb until it is “centralized” back into the lower back.  Further treatment may completely resolve the pain.  In other words, those patients with posterior disc herniation often benefit from this type of therapy.

This treatment is an excellent alternative for patients who don’t favor the “cracking” style of adjustments.

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