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What is Ultrasound Therapy?

Abbreviated US, ultrasound therapy uses ultrasonic waves to penetrate deep into tissue to resolve any fibrotic tissue that may have formed.  The sound waves not only cause fibrotic tissue to vibrate and inflame on a very minor scale, but also cause the water molecules of the area treated to heat, causing a small area of increased blood flow.  This increased blood flow will further aid in the resolution of the resolution of fibrotic tissue.

This technique is not indicated for conditions like cancer, pregnancy or open wounds.  The doctor must be the one to administer this treatment, and treatments typically last 5-7 minutes.  Due to the requirement of ultrasonic gel to be used, the most uncomfortable part of this treatment is the initial “shock” of the gel being cold.  This minor inconvenience is quickly resolved as the applicator sending the sounds waves begin to heat slowly.  Most patients find this treatment to be quite pleasant.

This particular treatment cannot be used over areas fluid cavities (spinal canal, skull, large arteries) or boney tissue (elbow, knee, ankle, wrist).  The ultrasonic waves will produce a “cavitation” or bubble formation within the fluid, which will be detrimental to the patient.  Over boney tissue, the bone will heat faster than the tissue above it causing a distinct uncomfortable feeling for the patient, and with sustained application, the bone may demonstrate fluid retention within the central cavity.  While this is not as detrimental as the earlier mentioned fluid cavitation, the result is not warranted and non-therapeutic.

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