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What is Functional Movement Rehabilitation?

Abbreviated FMS, this is not a form of treatment, but a form of assessment.  Beyond the orthopedic, neurologic, and muscle testing, functional movement screening tests very particular movements that everyone should be able to complete, as a healthy adult.  A lack of ability of pain during these movements indicates a higher likely hood for injury later in life due to a lack of stability or coordination.  The tests include a very specific set of movements that every anatomically normal human should be able to complete.  These tests cannot be completed if the patient is post surgical for any kind of joint surgery, or has congenital skeletal changes.

The purpose of these movements is to see how well your muscles are functioning to maintain range of motion (ROM) and stability.  The movements are not difficult to complete, but are very inherently difficult to do properly.  While these tests are very frequently used in athletes to identify areas that require more training, when they are used in conjunction with the rest of the physical exam, they can very easily identify muscle groups that need to be improved to prevent pain from recurring.

For a joint to function properly the muscles around it need to be strong enough to maintain a slow, fluid range of motion.  If the body feels unstable, it will alter that range of motion to maintain stability.  This can be easily observed by Dr. Herrington, and it will give further evidence of where treatment is necessary, or what kind of therapeutic exercises may be required.

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