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What is Myofascial Release Technique?

Abbreviated MRT, is a technique very similar to Active Release Technique.  The treatment involves a “pin and stretch” style of movement which aids in releasing or stretching tissues that are resistant to movement.  This treatment method is similar in its purpose to Graston or IASTM but does not cause any kind of tissue irritation.  This treatment is much safer to use in “at risk” areas like the front/side of the neck and the anterior pelvis.  (The top of the quadriceps is not a risky area to treat, it is more highly sensitive due to its location on the body, and IASTM is typically too aggressive for this region)

Most patients find MRT very pleasant with only temporary irritation due to the stretching of a contracted or resistant muscle.

The treatment is conducted by the doctor assessing the trouble area, locating the source of the muscular resistance, pinning that location in place and moving the muscle through its regular movement pattern.

The Benefits of Myofascial Release Technique

This technique is similar but different to FATKR.  Areas of muscular or fascial restriction are noted by Dr. Herrington and will proper application of this technique, the restricted tissue can be freed using only the hands and light movement of the injured area.

Who can Benefit from Myofascial Release Technique

This technique works great for areas of chronic muscle, tendon or ligament damage.  The procedure is typically very pleasant for the patient and the effects are very quickly apparent.  This treatment works fantastic in conjunction with adjustments, as the effects are very synergistic.

Contraindications for Myofascial Release Technique

This treatment can be difficult to perform for certain areas of the body, and for particular body types.  Coincidentally, the alternative to this treatment is FAKTR, which can be utilized in most areas of the body.  This treatment cannot be utilized over areas of infections, tumors, or fractures. Sprained ligaments/tendons are also not ideal candidates for this type of treatment.

Are you experiencing joint, neck, or back pain? Work with a Buffalo Chiropractor that can help you.

Here at Herrington Family Chiropractic, not only does Dr. Herrington excels at spinal manipulation, but is also highly proficient at soft tissue manipulation. Utilizing techniques such as Myofascial Release Technique (MRT), Graston, Soft Tissue Massage, Ultrasound therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to ensure patients can be effectively treated for all their aches and pains.

If you have been living with joint, neck, or back pain, please contact us to schedule your consult.

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